Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dunk a Linden! :)

The Jewelry Fair Dunk Tank presents: DUNK a LINDEN!

Great way to get out your frustrations over all the times LL has made you crazy, raise money for OXFAM, all while shopping for new baubles and pretties! *grins*
Several Lindens, and some of the Jewelers themselves are stepping up to be DUNKED over the next few days. Don't miss your chance!

Polly Pavlova 3-4pm
Niko Linden 7-8pm

Blue Linden 3-4pm
Xoph Adamczyk 4-5pm
Whump Linden 5-6pm
Grant Linden 6-7pm

Siyu Suen 3-4 pm

CG Linden 9-11am
Violet Voltaire 3-4pm
Porter Linden 4-5pm

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jewelry Fair 2009!!!

The Jewelry Fair 2009 is nearly here! The sims are being set up now to open on Friday September 18th. WOOHOO!

I just finished setting up my small booth and I'm so excited. It runs through September 27th and is benefitting a great charity: Oxfam ( I checked out the charity and it really is amazing. Oxfam International is working towards global solutions to poverty and injustice. Click the link to find out more.

The Fair is spread out over two sims with a "secret garden" motif. Wind your way through a Hedge Maze highlighting 100 different jewelers at each bend in the maze (don't worry, its nothing you'll get lost in, hehe). The hedge maze is also segmented into the four seasons. My booth happens to be in the "Summer" portion :) There's a number of TP points. You can find it by simply by searching for "Jewelry Fair" under Places in Search or grab this SLURL which will take you to the "Summer" section *wink wink*

I have chosen four pieces that will donate 50% of the proceeds to Oxfam, so please come on out to the fair and support your SL creators as well as this wonderful charity! See you there!!!