Friday, July 31, 2009

Giant Tulips?

I'm still busily working on transitioning my entire store into a new location and new vendors (waiting on a script for them while I update and repackage EVERYTHING in the meantime ... O.O ) Much of it at the moment is just a bit tedious and boring work right now, so of course I find all kinds of ways to completely procrastinate. *nods, nods*

Exhibit A: I spent about 2 hours yesterday morning fashioning a giant tulip that I could relax on like a lounge chair, scripted it with 4 sweet little lounging, reading, and sleeping poses and with a texture changing bloom as well (10 different shades! lol)
I look busy at work here, right? ...Right? >.>

I am selling the tulip seat on Xstreet and at my shop so at least I can feel like I did some real work for my store...sorta....I'm not really sure who would buy a giant scripted tulip to sit in besides myself, though. :P
I did get a bit more focused after that and made some earrings to go with the Musical Heart Necklace. I'm really pleased with how that whole set is coming along, so I'll probably officially release that sometime this weekend. :)

Hugs and happy Friday!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pretties in the Garden

As I mentioned, I recently acquired a new larger parcel to relocate my store. I spent time last evening building a shop (which is still void of vendors but the building is UP...and you can see it behind me in the first picture, all empty and ready for moving in...yay!) and I spent my morning today setting up a bit of a fae forest/courtyard in the open area in front of the shop.

My "Elphie Garden" is decked out with a quaint mossy brick walk which leads to seating (made by moi, tyvm) and Pillowtalk comfies. You can sit and enjoy the ambience of the sunlight streaming though the trees and the glow from the gems growing lovingly beneath those same trees...because I grow my own gems, of course, dontyaknow *winks*

(thanks to Pillowtalk for comfiness, Earendilia Garden Centre for trees and flowers, and Straylight for trees, textures, sunbeams, gems and general magical-ness).

I'm completely re-doing my vendors with this move, so I have a bit of work ahead (that won't be nearly as fun as decorating my courtyard, heh). I will be sure to update as things progress. Watch this space :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

A musical teaser

Soooo, I got inspired to make some musically themed jewelry. So far I have about 8 pieces in the works but it may grow... these things have a mind of their own sometimes.

I finished the first piece of the first set a few days ago and decided to post a bit of a teaser here so you can see what is in store.

I am always amazed at what happens when I just tinker with no real objective in mind, and this lovely heart shaped out of an upturned treble clef and a bass clef surprised me and made me grin so much. It just looked so sweet.

I'm hoping to have the rest of the series finished before summer is over and I'm planning to release each set as it is completed in between the planning and building of my new store location. Stay tuned for the release of the Musical Heart Set soon. :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Oh hai if you're reading this!
My name is Elphie and I'm a content creator in the virtual world of Second Life. I love actually calling myself that :) I've been building in SL for longer than 2 years no and for a long time I never felt worthy of it...and I'm still learning and growing and there's many more better than I am, but here I am, masquerading as someone creative >.>

I make jewelry and pretty things for avatars to wear. :) I tend to make things on my own whims so my collection is a bit eclectic and unique, but I create things that make ME smile first and foremost and that's what keeps it fun.

I created this blog some months ago so I could have a place to ramble on about my ideas or new releases, and be warned, my ramblings border on epic at times.

I'll post again soon with an update on my latest endeavors. A hint: If you are a music lover you will probably love the new pieces I'm working on. I also just purchased a larger piece of land to expand my shop (I was sorely cramped for prims at my current location) So, stay tuned for details about this as I build the new shop and make the move! In the meantime here are some pictures of more recent additions to my collection.