Friday, July 31, 2009

Giant Tulips?

I'm still busily working on transitioning my entire store into a new location and new vendors (waiting on a script for them while I update and repackage EVERYTHING in the meantime ... O.O ) Much of it at the moment is just a bit tedious and boring work right now, so of course I find all kinds of ways to completely procrastinate. *nods, nods*

Exhibit A: I spent about 2 hours yesterday morning fashioning a giant tulip that I could relax on like a lounge chair, scripted it with 4 sweet little lounging, reading, and sleeping poses and with a texture changing bloom as well (10 different shades! lol)
I look busy at work here, right? ...Right? >.>

I am selling the tulip seat on Xstreet and at my shop so at least I can feel like I did some real work for my store...sorta....I'm not really sure who would buy a giant scripted tulip to sit in besides myself, though. :P
I did get a bit more focused after that and made some earrings to go with the Musical Heart Necklace. I'm really pleased with how that whole set is coming along, so I'll probably officially release that sometime this weekend. :)

Hugs and happy Friday!

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