Sunday, July 26, 2009


Oh hai if you're reading this!
My name is Elphie and I'm a content creator in the virtual world of Second Life. I love actually calling myself that :) I've been building in SL for longer than 2 years no and for a long time I never felt worthy of it...and I'm still learning and growing and there's many more better than I am, but here I am, masquerading as someone creative >.>

I make jewelry and pretty things for avatars to wear. :) I tend to make things on my own whims so my collection is a bit eclectic and unique, but I create things that make ME smile first and foremost and that's what keeps it fun.

I created this blog some months ago so I could have a place to ramble on about my ideas or new releases, and be warned, my ramblings border on epic at times.

I'll post again soon with an update on my latest endeavors. A hint: If you are a music lover you will probably love the new pieces I'm working on. I also just purchased a larger piece of land to expand my shop (I was sorely cramped for prims at my current location) So, stay tuned for details about this as I build the new shop and make the move! In the meantime here are some pictures of more recent additions to my collection.

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