Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pretties in the Garden

As I mentioned, I recently acquired a new larger parcel to relocate my store. I spent time last evening building a shop (which is still void of vendors but the building is UP...and you can see it behind me in the first picture, all empty and ready for moving in...yay!) and I spent my morning today setting up a bit of a fae forest/courtyard in the open area in front of the shop.

My "Elphie Garden" is decked out with a quaint mossy brick walk which leads to seating (made by moi, tyvm) and Pillowtalk comfies. You can sit and enjoy the ambience of the sunlight streaming though the trees and the glow from the gems growing lovingly beneath those same trees...because I grow my own gems, of course, dontyaknow *winks*

(thanks to Pillowtalk for comfiness, Earendilia Garden Centre for trees and flowers, and Straylight for trees, textures, sunbeams, gems and general magical-ness).

I'm completely re-doing my vendors with this move, so I have a bit of work ahead (that won't be nearly as fun as decorating my courtyard, heh). I will be sure to update as things progress. Watch this space :)

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