Saturday, July 3, 2010

News and general goings-on at Elphen-Made

Its been a busy week. I feel like all I do in SL is work, these days, but I'm hoping it will be worth it. Thank goodness I love creating and my work is fun. :)

SO! Here are the updates:


I worked this week on updating and expanding the main store location. I was running out of wall space! :O So, it has transformed... befits a store that grew out of a fairy forest. ;)

Its still at the same location, of course ( ) and I invite you to stop by and check it out for yourself.

I have weeded out and relegated about 1/3 of my older products to a newly created "50L Discount Wall" Lots of well made jewelry sets can be found there for just L$50 now.

I've placed a vendor chock full of my products at Jade's Jazz Island just in front of the steps going into the main club. If you're out and about and see it, please give it a click.
I'll be updating it often as I add new products and release new items.

As a bit of fun and fluff for me because of all this work, I took an old favorite of mine, the half-dozen Tulip Bouquet and kicked it up a few notches. It now comes scripted for texture change and includes a custom made animation for holding it gently across a bent arm (animation does not interfere with your regular AO).

The flowers can be changed to any of 9 different petal textures, as well as multicolored and "dead/black" versions. Stems change from green to "dead" as well.

Lastly, I'm working on a new release for the more Gorean-inclined community. >.> Its a beautiful set of kajira adornments. I'm very happy with how its come out. Its completed and I hope to release it this weekend. I will blog that separately soon. :)

Now, seeing as its 4:30am and I've nothing else to do...I'm off to sleep. :)