Saturday, October 9, 2010

Jewelry Fair 2010!

So, its that time again already. Jewelry Fair in SL is on, opening officially yesterday at midnight. I had hoped to work on some new products to release specifically for this event, however a massive virus and hard drive failure sort of derailed those plans. I had to wipe my hard drive and reformat everything, which means that I've spent the past few weeks simply trying to recover lost programs and data instead of creating new pretties. :(

Despite the poor timing of all this, I did manage to do a much needed and very lovely update of my Dragonfly jewelry before the big crash. Its currently available at the Fair and included as a charity item, meaning that 50% of all the proceeds will go to benefit Oxfam, International. My other charity items include the Flora jewelry set and my recently released Forget-Me-Not set. There are also a number of other items available in my modest tent in the "Forest" section of the 4 Jewelry Fair sims.

I took a stroll around the Fair yesterday and there are so many talented and creative jewelers with wares for sale and the lag was not terrible at all! I hope you'll take some time to check it out! The Fair is open through October 17th. Here's the SLURL: Hope to see you there!

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