Sunday, September 5, 2010

Random pretty awesomes

Coming up very soon, I will be starting to work on a few new items specifically to be released at the SL Jewelry Fair in October. There may not be a lot of new releases in the few weeks that I am working on this, but I will try to do a few small things just to keep releasing new products with a bit of regularity. The Jewelry Fair in SecondLife will take place during the week of October 8-17th and the theme this year is "Beauty and the Beast." I'll probably have a separate blog for the fair coming up soon with more information. So that's what's coming up and I'll be focusing my new things toward the fair release.

This week, however, I didn't have a specific direction or focus with my creating. I did tinker around and come up with some very lovely new things to add to my collection, though. It cannot possibly come to any surprise to anyone who knows me or my brand that butterflies play a role. I wanted to challenge myself and do something unique and intricate with metals and filigree. So, I set about making a filigree style butterfly ring. It took some time and frustration, but the end result is, I think, just lovely. It is touch scripted with 6 metal choices: gold, antique gold, silver, tarnished, brass, and copper. I also decided at the last moment to include two rings with each purchase; a left handed and right handed one. So, the wearer can choose which hand they prefer, or even wear one on each hand. Why not? :)

So, I released the butterfly ring and then sat around tinkering and trying to think of what to do next. I started making a ring that I'd had in my head for some time now. Just a simple ring with 5 nice sized gems creating a flower shape around a smaller center stone was what I had in mind, but as it came to shape it looked so lovely that , before I knew it, I was I was also making a necklace and earrings to match it. The whole set just took on a mind of its own and came together so nicely. I decided to name this set "Forget-Me-Not" because the flowers resemble the delicate 5-petaled appearance of forget-me-not blooms. Scripted for texture change on touch, as well, you can choose from six metal choices (gold, antique gold, silver, tarnished, copper, or brass) and the petal gems and center gems can be changed separately, each with 8 options for gem textures (diamond, ruby, emerald, amethyst, aquamarine, blue topaz, sapphire, and citrine).
Both new items are, of course, available in all the usual places in-world and on (see the link to my merchant page at the bottom of this blog) . Thanks for reading :)

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