Saturday, June 19, 2010

Introducing Chelle

Hey there! Yes, I'm posting for the second time this week. Please do not be alarmed. :P

I just released a sweet new set that I wanted to be sure to include here. A RL friend of mine was wearing a necklace that inspired this set. I took the idea and expanded upon it a little, added some matching earrings and then a lovely headband/tiara to go along with it. Have a look for yourself. Its currently available in my store and on Xstreet, as usual. Scripted for texture change, also. You can literally be as elegant as you want, or change the metal to tarnish and change the whole look to something more grungy. There are 4 metals included (gold, silver, antique gold, or tarnished); 12 bead styles (gold, silver, antique, blue agate, carnelian, cat's eye, moonstone, jade, jasper, onyx, turquoise, or pearl); and 8 gemstones (diamond, amethyst, aquamarine, topaz, citrine, emerald, ruby, or sapphire). Truly versatile.

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