Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Shortly after I released my new items for kajira/dancers, I was having so much fun creating new things for the Gorean community that I decided to continue by making face veils, as well. I didn't want to just make any veil. I wanted to redefine a product that's been around SL for ages by making it truly my own. I wanted my veils to be exquisite and beautiful with rich textures and gorgeous detail. I also wanted them to be scripted to be completely customizable, so that someone could buy one of my veils and almost never need another. I spent a lot of days scripting and adding options to these and I'm completely thrilled with how they've been received, as well.

Each veil was painstakingly pieced together, originally designed, and many of the textures are custom made by myself. They are all scripted for texture change with a script that is very low lag. Every part of the veil can be changed separately with more options than you can shake a stick at. The scarf alone can be any of 18 different textures in both silk and lace, and there's even 2 white textures that can be left white or tinted to allow for ANY color the user desires to match any outfit. I also included the ability to change the opacity level of the scarf, so the wearer can touch the veil and choose from 5 different levels from totally opaque to nearly transparent, or even no veil at all.

I currently have 5 veils available at all the usual places in-world, as well as on XstreetSL.
You'll probably notice I also updated the style of my product posters. :)

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